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ZELTINI is a design & prototyping workshop with a vision to better the world with its products and services. The company is built on 8 key cornerstones. 1- we strive to create sustainable business and products that add value or at least has a minimum impact on our planet’s resources. 2- the work and projects simply have to be fun and bring joy. 3- creativity is at the heart of everything for us. 4 - we strive to be as ethical and inclusive as possible respecting all kinds of beliefs, people and (especially) animals. 5- we’re working hard to come up with something fresh - innovative. 6- we’re rooted in our land and our ancestral home therefore we’re local yet very much linked with the global community, businesses and design. 7- uniqueness in our products is another must. 8- last but not least beauty is another cornerstone that we stand by. Beauty not only in products and things but our approach, thinking, attitude and lifestyle.



Our main focus is on building amphibian mobile homes and vehicles for human resilience and fun. Our designs widely range in scale and typology as we operate across the fields of product design, landscape architecture and urban design. We aim to make products that create unique experience / emotion and positively contribute to this planet and humanity. Mostly fun and joy is what we’re after but we don’t forget functionality and purpose of things. We prototype until both the right function + emotion is achieved and the product complies with our 8 key principles (see About section)

www.zeltini.com -  Z-TRITON
www.zeltini.com -  Z-HELMET
www.zeltini.com -  Z-NOKOMIS
www.zeltini.com -  Z-BIOLOO


We provide a range of services at ZELTINI. Design + prototyping is what we mainly focus on. This includes product design as well as Landscape / Urban Design services. Large format 3D printing is another key service ZELTINI provides. Our product testing and rentals will be available in the near future. We also  welcome you to visit our workshop or join one of the seminars we occasionally organise.

www.zeltini.com -  3D PRINTING
www.zeltini.com -  DESIGN + PROTOTYPING
www.zeltini.com -  LANDSCAPE / URBAN DESIGN
www.zeltini.com -  Z-TRITON RENTALS


Currently our team is nice and small, family orientated with intention of gradual growth. We enjoy working together in a team that supports and complements each other. We plan to collaborate on project-to-project basis rather than employ people. Don`t hesitate to contact us if you think we could work on something exciting together.

Aigars Lauzis - Founder / CEO / Product

Aigars Lauzis

Founder / CEO / Product

[email protected]


Passionate designer with extensive experience on international projects ranging from large urban masterplans to small pieces of product design. Aigars has been based in London, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai and Latvia. Fun fact - cycled from London to Tokyo.


Aigars Lauzis
Lija Lauze - Management / PR / HR

Lija Lauze

Management / PR / HR

[email protected]


The smart one or the compass of ZELTINI. Due to Lija's extensive experience and skills in project management, marketing, PR - she holds the gig together and makes sure we're on the right track.


Lija Lauze
Renārs Lauzis - Production / Rentals / Pilot

Renārs Lauzis

Production / Rentals / Pilot

[email protected]


Z-Champ. Managing small to large size sports stores for about 2 decades, running bicycle maintenance workshops and doing outdoor equipment rentals are only a few things Renārs have done. Another big one – Latvian cycling champion (1994 & 1995). Z-Triton test pilot.


Renārs Lauzis
Kobe - Chief Security Officer


Chief Security Officer

[email protected]

Apart from the obvious skillset - guarding the staff and the studio Kobe is also amazing at shredding documents and posing for marketing pictures. She is a true multi-tasker and the face of the company.



Edgars Krūmiņš - Software Engineer

Edgars Krūmiņš

Software Engineer

[email protected]

Being a start-uper himself Edgars has a proven track record on how to make technology work for you (and not the other way round). He helps connecting ZELTINI products to people through software technologies - apps, web, IoT, etc.

Edgars Krūmiņš
Armands Upenieks - Mechatronics

Armands Upenieks


[email protected]

Armands have been building robots and is teaching how to build them. Has been working on a number of projects that deal with mechanics and eletronics. 

Armands Upenieks
Roberts Cipruss - Junior Engineer

Roberts Cipruss

Junior Engineer

[email protected]

Apart from helping ZELTINI with Mechanical Engineering Roberts is pursuing robotics, light engineering , prototyping and other cool stuff. Currently studying computer systems engineering at Riga Technical University.

Roberts Cipruss
Potential Team Member - World Saver

Potential Team Member

World Saver

[email protected]

Amazingly talented. Keen to make a positive impact on this beautiful planet

Potential Team Member

[email protected]
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